About us

Europe Learning Erasmus+ Training and Consultancy Company is one of Europe’s leading education and student mobility organisations. Our Romania-based company was established to encourage educators and young people to gain international experience and to help them cross borders in the field of education.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help educators and young people make the most of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program to connect them with cultural diversity, academic development and personal growth. As Europe Learning, we support students in acquiring the necessary skills to compete internationally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable young people to gain a global perspective by facilitating student mobility across Europe, thus contributing to creating a more inclusive, understanding and collaborative world. We help educators and students discover and develop their own potential by offering rich educational and learning opportunities covering different areas of the Erasmus+ programme.

Why choose us

We are a training and consulting company in the field of professional development for teachers and students, but also for all categories of interested persons. Our team is made up of qualified trainers, with a great experience in the field of education and Erasmus projects.

Teacher Training Courses

We come up with innovative and modern learning ideas, eliminating the monotonous style of classical training courses.

Expert Instruction

We are open to new things, empathetic, adaptable to the requirements of the participants so that the quality of our services is at the highest level. Our activities are interactive allowing the accumulation of knowledge with greater ease.

All Erasmus+ Programs

We organize courses, Mobility of Pupils, job shadowing and internships for students all over Europe, in various educational fields.

We Are In Every Field Of Erasmus+

As Europe Learning, we offer a wide range of services covering all areas of the Erasmus+ programme:

Student Mobility

We offer students the opportunity to study abroad by cooperating with universities and educational institutions all over Europe. We enable them to gain cultural experiences in different countries.

Job Training and Internships

We organize on-the-job training and internship programs in international companies for students to develop their professional skills and gain real-world experience.

Courses & Training Programs

We organize various courses and training programs for teachers and students who want to study in different fields. We support academic growth and personal development.

• As Europe Learning, we offer the best service to the participants with our experienced trainers based on many years.

• Thanks to our wide corporate network, we are able to offer our students opportunities to study and do internships in different countries.

• Our professional and experienced consultants support students in choosing the most suitable programs and managing the application process.

• Cultural understanding and the importance we place on diversity contribute to the success of students in the international arena.