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This course includes

  • Privacy and security
  • Online practical exercises
  •  Manipulation techniques
  • The pitfalls of social networks
  • Communication in the digital age
  • Reflection, Evaluation, and Certification


  • Teachers,
  • Trainers,
  • Educators,
  • School administrators, etc.

Students are used to smart gadgets, but for games or social networks, not eLearning platforms, or the correct collection of information.

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Students are used to smart gadgets, but for games or social networks, not eLearning platforms, or the correct collection of information. Online learning requires a change in pedagogical strategies, the permanent maintenance of students’ interest and a totally different assessment from face-to-face methods. Digitized face-to-face learning requires digitized information, applications, online programs.

The use of the students’ favorite tool in the educational act will facilitate a rapprochement of the students with the teachers and vice versa, thus increasing the interest in learning.

Studies show that the most effective uses of ICT are those where the teacher, aided by ICT, can challenge students’ understanding and thinking, and this can be achieved through whole class discussions and/or individual/small group workshops using ICT.

Learning Outcomes:

All participants will:

• to identify manipulation techniques used by the mass media

• to build personal alternatives to a given message, as the main way of resisting manipulation

• to evaluate the news from social media.

• to apply information systematization methods

• to know how to transfer knowledge to other people.


• Participants will be able to implement the course content in their own classrooms

• Improving learners’ digital skills and literacy

• Knowing how to access a variety of online resources to promote good practices in education

• Knowledge of teaching methods for gathering content required by assignments

• Identifying a correct source of information collection

• Share best practices, ideas and materials with colleagues across the EU


The course promotes various motivational learning strategies and approaches teaching styles through games and challenges in order to learn about the Internet world safely.


Before class,

– Participants will complete a detailed questionnaire before the course to indicate their level of experience, teaching and training background.

– They will also prepare a presentation that reflects their own teaching method.


– A certificate of participation in the course will be given to all participants.

– A Europass mobility certificate will be granted if the participant requests it.

Day 1:


Presentation of the program

Presentation of the participants in online space

What I post in public and what in private

How do we discover who we are talking to?

Online practical exercises

Day 2:

Privacy and security

Privacy – personal protection of your own and others’ online information

Security – being aware of your actions and behaviors online

Online practical exercises

Day 3:

Media manipulation

What is meant by manipulation? Types of handling

Information control and manipulation

  Manipulation techniques

Resistance to manipulation; building personal alternatives to a given message

Day 4:

How to combine e-presence and physical presence

The pitfalls of social networks

Verbal/non-verbal communication

Communication in the digital age

Online practical exercises

Day 5:

How does communication affect electronic presence and vice versa?

Best practices for optimizing e-presence and communication

  Visual presence

Online practical exercises

Feedback questionnaire



All course participants will be provided with the presented materials, for effective dissemination in their own organizations and in other places. We will create a contact list of participants to exchange ideas/experiences. Learners will complete a feedback questionnaire regarding the training event.

Targovişte, ROMANIA

Targovişte, ROMANIA

10-16 June 2024



24-28 June 2024

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