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This course includes

  • Introduction to Museum-Based Learning
  • Designing Museum-Based Lessons
  • Museum Visits and Thematic Learning
  • Interactive and Multisensory Learning
  • Assessment and Practical Implementation
  • Reflection, Evaluation, and Certification


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“Welcome to the ‘Museum-Based Education: A Journey through Parisian Art and History’ course, a captivating 5-day program designed to empower educators with innovative pedagogical tools.

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“Welcome to the ‘Museum-Based Education: A Journey through Parisian Art and History’ course, a captivating 5-day program designed to empower educators with innovative pedagogical tools. This unique experience invites you to explore the treasure troves of Parisian art and history through a pedagogical lens. Our journey begins at the iconic Louvre Museum, and throughout the program, you’ll have the opportunity to visit renowned museums such as Musée d’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, and Musée de l’Orangerie. You will embark on a transformative learning adventure as we delve into the world of museum-based education. From designing curriculum-aligned lessons, facilitating engaging museum visits, to creating interactive and multisensory learning experiences, this program offers a comprehensive exploration of how museums can enrich teaching. By the end, you’ll not only possess the knowledge and skills to create immersive museum-based lessons but also the ability to inspire and engage students through the vibrant history and art of Paris.”

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing this 5-day program, participants will:

Appreciate Museum-Based Learning: Understand the value of museum-based education in enhancing student engagement, critical thinking, and holistic learning.

Design Effective Museum-Based Lessons: Develop curriculum-aligned, inquiry-based lesson plans that integrate various subjects and thematic learning experiences.

Optimize Museum Visits: Facilitate meaningful and engaging student experiences during museum visits by applying effective pedagogical approaches.

Create Interactive and Multisensory Activities: Design interactive, multisensory, and immersive learning experiences within museum settings.

Assess Museum-Based Learning: Implement comprehensive assessment methods to evaluate student learning outcomes and the effectiveness of museum-based lessons.

Practically Implement Museum-Based Education: Integrate museum-based education into their teaching practices, emphasizing student engagement and experiential learning.


By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

Understand the benefits of museum-based education.

Design curriculum-aligned lessons for museum-based learning.

Facilitate student engagement during museum visits.

Create interactive and multisensory museum-based learning experiences.

Develop effective assessment methods for museum-based education.

Implement museum-based education in their teaching practices.


The program will utilize a variety of teaching methods, including:

Lectures, discussions, and expert-led sessions.

Guided museum visits with an emphasis on pedagogy.

Hands-on activities and lesson plan development.

Group work, reflection, and peer feedback.

Showcase and share sessions for participants to present their lesson plans.

Certification of completion at the end of the program.

Day 1: Introduction to Museum-Based Learning

Welcome and course overview.

Introduction to museum-based education and its benefits.

Exploring the role of museums in teaching and learning.

Guided visit to the Louvre Museum with an emphasis on pedagogical approaches.

Group reflection and discussion on the visit.

Day 2: Designing Museum-Based Lessons

Principles of curriculum design in museum-based education.

Identifying learning objectives and outcomes.

Integrating various subjects and disciplines in museum-based lessons.

Hands-on activity: Participants develop their museum-based lesson plans.

Peer review and feedback on lesson plans.

Day 3: Museum Visits and Thematic Learning

Introduction to thematic learning through museum visits.

Visit to the Musée d’Orsay, focusing on art and history.

Group discussion and reflection on thematic learning experiences.

Strategies for facilitating student engagement during museum visits.

Day 4: Interactive and Multisensory Learning

Strategies for creating interactive and multisensory museum-based activities.

Visit to the Centre Pompidou, emphasizing contemporary art and interactive exhibits.

Hands-on activity: Participants design interactive and multisensory learning experiences.

Group presentation and peer feedback.

Day 5: Assessment and Practical Implementation

Assessment methods in museum-based education.

Developing rubrics and evaluation criteria.

Strategies for practical implementation in the classroom.

Final visit to the Musée de l’Orangerie, focusing on Impressionist art.

Showcase and share: Participants present their museum-based lesson plans and learning outcomes.

Certification ceremony and closing remarks.



22-26 January 2024



24-28 June 2024

Istanbul, TURKEY

Istanbul, TURKEY

08-12 July 2024

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