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This course includes

  • Introduction to the Tourism Sector
  • Hotel Management Workshop
  • Hotel Visit
  • Event Planning
  • Internship Experience
  • Observation, Implementation, Evaluation and Certification


  • High School Students

Welcome to the ‘Tourism and Hotel Management Internship Program‘ ! This immersive 2 weeks program is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills to transform their classrooms into dynamic and engaging learning environments.

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Learning Outcomes:

Understanding the basic concepts of the tourism sector and evaluating the importance of the sector.

Understanding the different aspects of hotel management (reception, restaurant, event management, etc.).

Understanding guest relationship management and customer satisfaction strategies.

Developing event planning and organizational skills.

Interacting with different cultures and increasing cultural awareness.

Experience the daily tasks of employees in the hospitality industry.

Week 1:

Introduction to the Tourism Sector: Participants will learn about the basic concepts, trends and importance of tourism.

Hotel Management Workshop: They will participate in practical workshops covering different aspects of hotel management.

Hotel Visit: By visiting a luxury hotel, they will observe guest relations management and facility operations.

Week 2:

Event Planning: Participants will be involved in the planning and management of sample events.

Internship Experience: They will experience the operation of the sector by doing internships in different hotel departments (reception, restaurant, event management, etc.).

Feedback and Evaluation: Participants will evaluate their internship processes and provide suggestions and feedback.



15-19 January 2024

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