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Program Price:

This course includes

  • Meeting and Orientation
  • Vocational Workshop
  • Industry Visit
  • Project Based Work
  • Workplace Experience
  • Observation, Implementation, Evaluation and Certification


  • High School Students

Welcome to the ‘Mechatronics and Automation Technologies Internship Program‘ ! This immersive 2 weeks program is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills to transform their classrooms into dynamic and engaging learning environments.

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Learning Outcomes:

Gaining basic knowledge and skills in basic mechatronics and automation technologies.

Understanding the working principles of industrial automation systems.

Developing team collaboration, communication and leadership skills.

Experience learning by observing real-world applications.

Developing problem solving and project management skills.

Gaining awareness of ethical and professional behavior in the workplace.

Week 1:

Meeting and Orientation: Participants will receive information about the purpose and expectations of our company’s internship program.

Vocational Workshop: They will receive training on basic mechatronics and automation technologies.

Industry Visit: They will visit a local automation company and observe real-world applications.

Week 2:

Project Based Work: Participants will work in teams collaborating on small scale mechatronics projects.

Workplace Experience: They will get to know the industry better by doing a 1-week internship in leading mechatronics companies.

Presentation and Evaluation: Participants will complete the program by presenting their internship experiences and learning to other participants.



15-19 January 2024

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