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Program Price:

This course includes

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Creative Media Workshop
  • Media Organization Visit
  • Digital Campaign Execution
  • Internship Experience
  • Observation, Implementation, Evaluation and Certification


  • High School Students

Welcome to the ‘Digital Marketing and Media Internship Program‘ ! This unique 2-week program is designed to empower students with knowledge and skills by providing them with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in practice.

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Learning Outcomes:

Understanding the basic concepts and strategies of digital marketing.

Develop basic graphic design, video editing and content creation skills.

Ability to use digital media tools and platforms effectively.

Gaining basic skills in digital campaign management and measurement.

Understanding the workings of the media industry and the processes behind media production.

Develop creativity and effective communication skills in content creation and sharing.

Week 1:

Digital Marketing Fundamentals: Participants will gain a basic understanding of the importance, strategies and tools of digital marketing.

Creative Media Workshop: They will develop basic graphic design, video editing and content creation skills.

Media Organization Visit: They will visit a local media organization and get an insight into the media industry.

Week 2:

Digital Campaign Execution: Participants will create and manage small-scale digital marketing campaigns.

Internship Experience: They will take part in real projects by doing internships in digital marketing agencies or media companies.

Project Evaluation: Participants will share their work and experiences during the internship.



15-19 January 2024

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